Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 9 - Ornamental forts completed and planned

Today we went back to the two ornamental forts to complete their excavation and planning. Many of the team members were involved in this important exercise. Originally we were aware of three of these forts, but already one has been destroyed beyond recognition, and we believe this was done very recently, perhaps even during the last week. For this reason it is vital that we obtain as much information from these features while we can. We have no idea how long they may remain in their present state and identifiably so within the landscape. 

By virtue of their position, scale and proximity to each other it seems possible that these ornamental forts, together with other features in the landscape such as block houses and other fortifications,  form an intervisible sequence of  structures ideally positioned to act as communication links. Our previous excavations have uncovered the metal tapered tips of what might have been a heliograph tripod, which would substantiate the idea that these were used to flash signals up and down the line of the Hijaz. 

An absolutely essential part of the recording of all our activities is the completion of a photographic record. Covering everything from general shots of the features themselves and their place within the landscape, to systematic recording of all excavations and also all finds themselves, this process produces a vital, unique archive of visual record of the project. 

Ali, our official photographer, at work

First battalion RGMDC together with two wannabees. (Royal GARP metal Detecting Corps)
On a lighter note, last season's Goofer Rifles are now joined in their pursuit of GARP related desert activities by the MD Corps, here presenting their arms with two keen team members anxious to become a part of this august group. 


  1. RGMDC, love it! 1st Battalion RGR still lead from the front though.....

  2. Nice try Brian, but it' well know that the RGMDC are in fact the pioneer corps of the GARP military, with RGR being little more than high-powered dirt monkeys. ;-)

  3. We all need a good pioneer battalion - but you guys will hide in your bunkers when the trowels come out and the dirt starts to fly!
    Dirt Monkeys rule OK! RGR, Fall In!!