Thursday, 10 November 2011

Just a few days to go...

So - GARP season six is upon us. On Saturday the advance party leaves to pave the way for the main group, who travel next Monday and arrive at our base in Wadi Musa in the early hours of Tuesday Morning. All of us, both new friends and seasoned returners are eager to get there and get started on this year's contribution to the project.

The 2011 season represents a shift in the location and to some extent the direction of the work, with new sites and a development of the researching of the oral history associated with the conflict along the Hijaz railway and in it's surroundings.

In particular, we hope to look at The Road to Aqaba, a major site of conflict in 1917/18 and the fortifications and battle site at Abu al Lissan.

More details of these plans soon - keep checking back to follow our fantastic project.

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